Newton's Cradle
Are you a:
content constituent – marketing, sales, channel manager? You must requisition content with defined specifications

Companies need a different Content Production Model
Content creators & operations need a new operations model to meet constituent requirements

content as a strategic imperative
Business executives must view content as a strategic imperative

  1. 6 actions for sales leaders to get the right sales content

      Sales performance suffers due to poor or missing situation-ready sales content. This is still a common B2B selling problem. Despite significant investments in sales and marketing technologies, most B2B organizations don’t provide enough of the right content to their sales and channel sales organizations. Sales content isn’t designed and...
  2. Modular Content Creation vs. Traditional and Structured Content Approaches

      As content marketing practices mature, organizations look for new ways to gain advantages and improve content performance. One of the most elusive tactics is to optimize content for audience and situation relevance. Numerous studies have shown business outcomes improve significantly when content delivers highly targeted, useful and relevant insights...
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