10 Questions About Sales Content Sales Leaders Should Ask Marketing Leaders

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Questions about sales content


I’ve written that sales and sales channel content requirements are some of the most under-served in most B2B organizations.

Selling in a digital era characterized by hyper-connected, hard to engage, low attention span buyers makes effective sales content a strategic imperative.

While research indicates 65% of the content created by marketing for sales is never used by sales, the situation is in fact much worse. The adverse impact of missing sales content that was never created is undocumented but significant.

The opportunity cost of sales productivity and effectiveness trumps content costs.

Sales leaders should appreciate that most marketing leaders don’t have clear definitions for sales content, or even how to create effective sales-ready content.

Marketing’s belief that sales content is similar to, and an extension of content marketing, is misguided. Sales content problems will persist until this thinking and the practices it produces changes.


Ten Questions About Sales Content for Marketing Leaders

Here are 10 questions about sales content that might not occur to you, but should be asked of marketing leaders. This will give you a sharper understanding of your sales content strategy and execution status:

1.  How is our sales content strategy developed? Where is it documented?

2.  How are our sales content gaps identified, what’s the road map to address them?

3.  How is our sales channel content developed differently from our internal sales content?

4.  How do we think and handle knowledge and performance support content, different from documents and presentation content?

5.  How do we develop key sales conversations? What kind of conversation and communication support content do we provide sales?

6.  What are our sales content quality definitions?

7.  How are content briefs for each sales content asset developed and reviewed by sales before content is created?

8.  How do we develop content so we target, tailor and personalize content for optimal customer relevance and personalization?

9.  How do we track and measure sales content use and business impact?

10. How do we acquire feedback to improve our sales content continuously over time?

For a deeper explanation please see Marketing and Sales Content — Differences That Matter

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