35 Days to Great First Sales Meetings

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How content will help you gain attention, earn the right, and discover what’s important to prospects before you ever speak with them — and get you more first meetings within 35 days than you get now?


We continue to see sales organizations spend tremendous time and effort making outbound,  cold prospecting calls, will little to no results, except the frustration of sales people.

When selling to on-demand buyers, the law of attraction works better than the law of intrusion.

We must attract buyer attention so they discover us in the first place. We must earn the right for an initial conversation with crazy busy people.  If we prepare the ground for the seeds of our ideas, our insights will be received and will grow faster. We will “slow down to sell faster.”

Buyer relevant information is the key. This information must be packaged, managed and delivered in buyer convenient ways.

To earn the right to a conversation, you must “give to get.” You must also learn what is most important at this time to each buyer. But buyers don’t want to waste their time educating you about their problems. That’s your job. Tracking prospect content consumption is the way to do this. (See Digital Body Language.)


A new prospecting approach

We suggest you create messages, and build or find content, your buyers will find useful. Then engage prospects over four weeks through a combination of simultaneous voice mails and emails. We refer to these as “touches.”

The key techniques are:

  • Conduct “information interviews” to learn the “minimal information you need to know” to conduct a value-creating first conversation (see linked article below)
  • Send a trackable email with prospect relevant content
  • Leave a voicemail about the prospect relevant problem your content addresses, to get the prospect to view your email and content
  • Touch the prospect this way four times before calling to request an introduction conversation.

The linked document in the right frame will  take you step-by-step through the process. We suggest techniques and provide specific examples of content and emails. The required work load isn’t different from what you’re doing now. The approach — and outcomes — are different.

As you deploy these tactics, you will learn where and how to improve your messages, voicemails, emails and content. Consider this a continuous improvement process. But it’s really the foundation for professional sellers who are committed to success when selling to “on-demand buyers.” Good selling, and let’s replace luck with smart, hard work!


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35 Days to First Conversation — do the math

For prospects who actively engage your content, assuming a two day lag in viewing, here is a possible sequence to your first call appointment (elapse time not work days) (“your mileage may vary”):

Day 1 – send initial invitation touch with vmail call

Day 3 – prospect views email content

Day 5 – send Touch #2 automatically, no call

Day 7 – prospect views content

Day 14 – send Touch #3 mail, vmail call

Day 16 – prospect views content

Day 23 – send Touch #4 mail, vmail call

Day 25 – prospect views content

Days 25, 26, 27 – email & call to request introduction conversation

Day 35 – have first introduction call

For a detailed, comprehensive explanation of each step, download this document.

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