Content Marketing

Content marketing, inbound, attraction and social marketing are related versions of a strategy many B2B organizations have adopted in response to the realities of selling to on-demand buyers.

Numerous marketing experts recommend the content marketing strategy …

… among many, many others.

To execute these strategies these experts recommend we “think like publishers”:

The biggest challenge we hear from customers is about execution; knowledgeable, disciplined, professionally managed execution.

They ask, “how do we create content like publishers? What exactly must we do, and how should we do it? What process, procedures and best practices should we follow? How do we manage this to achieve our objectives? How can we insure these operational execution issues don’t distract us from our core marketing expertise and responsibilities?”

Avitage content operations management services help content marketing, sales and channel organizations achieve their functional and business outcomes by having buyer relevant content available to meet all primary use case requirements.

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