PowerPoint Management

PowerPoint slide management

All organizations manage PowerPoint, usually not well. Poor PowerPoint management is experienced as a litany of complaints:

  • Users can’t find the right deck for specific situations
  • Slides are outdated and duplicate versions exist everywhere
  • Users maintain their own versions
  • Content owners have no control over their slides
  • Considerable cleanup time required — often 30 minutes or more per presentation

A key cause of this problem is the way PowerPoint is managed — as a document. In over fifteen years managing PowerPoint slides we have learned to think first about managing individual slides, then the way slides are grouped (presentations).

Users — especially sales and channel reps — want slide decks that match as closely as possible their specific audience, interest and purpose. Their message must be relevant. At the same time, they want some flexibility to tailor or customize presentations as well.

To optimize PowerPoint management and use, organizations should manage individual slides in a database that minimizes slide duplication. The database organizes links to underlying slides in the database in folders that represent presentations, modules of presentations, or topically organized slide assets.

This means that business people — including sales, inside and channel sales, marketing, training and senior executives — can access a collection of expert-produced slides, modify pre-assembled shows, or create custom shows that meet the exact needs of each audience and communication purpose.

With visual support, sales conversations are more efficient and effective.

Beyond organization and access our process and support system makes it possible to:

  • Link slide configurations into third party repositories such as sales or channel portals to maintain a single point of access
  • Update and replace individual slides, audio or video elements to maintain and extend the useful life of content
  • Assemble online custom PowerPoint shows
  • Deliver easily to customers with tracking and notification of consumption

Organizations that have struggled to adequately maintain, organize, provide access and desired user functionality for PowerPoint. We see this as a precursor to an imminent need to also manage video in a similar manner.

Video will soon become as important to marketing and sales communication as PowerPoint has for the last twenty years. Like PowerPoint and all content, relevant video will outperform generic, “one size fits all” video.

Ultimately, customer and market facing people who understand audience interests must be able to customized PowerPoint shows and videos before delivery. Because of a naturally higher cost than PowerPoint, the ability to maintain video to extend useful life is a requirement most organizations aren’t event thinking about today.

To learn more about Avitage services to help you get the most out of your PowerPoint assets, and the user groups who depend on them for job performance, we invite you to contact us.

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