Sales Content for Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a content dependent program in B2B selling organizations. In the digital era, sales content has become a strategic imperative. Traditionally it has been a minor tactical support item on a marketing checklist.

Direct sales people continue to have significant lead generation responsibilities. In later buying stages appropriate sales content is critical when selling in person. But sales people need better ways to access those often hidden members of a B2B buying team.

For the sales channel, these requirement extend to sales training, pre-call preparation and coaching, and marketing content for partner lead generation efforts.

According to IDG Connect, 90% of content created by marketing is for the first two buying stages, Awareness and Consideration. Buyers report they find relevant content only 46% of the time. IDG reports the lack of buyer relevant content reduces a vendor’s chance of closing the sale by 45%.

This leaves sales people starved for support and forces them into a content production role for which they are not well suited, nor interested.

The most effective sales content reflects a close understanding of each customer’s specific issues and interests. Sales people should be best at making this determination.

This means sales people must be able to easily select buyer-relevant, sales ready content. Sometimes they must tailor and even personalize content for optimum effect. Delivery timing and reception is best achieved by those closest to the target viewer, the sales professional.

Complex and important explanations and messages must be delivered with clarity and consistency. Traditionally this required a “four legged sales call” — subject experts brought to meetings. But these messages must also be shared across the buyer organization. Since video provides subject expert delivery of messages, the requirement and importance of video content is rising.

Never before has the importance of an effective content strategy and execution capabilities that address both the buyer’s and sellers complete cycle been so important.

Sales enablement means going beyond just-in-time training to provide content tools that help the sales professional engage customers, share knowledge and create value, before buyers become customers.

If your organization is looking to take your sales content to the next level for a competitive advantage, to improve customer engagement, and to provide value before buyers become paying customers, we would like to speak with you.

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