Thought Leadership

Thought leadership content is foundational to all content developed to support B2B inbound marketing. Thought leadership projects expertise and market knowledge through a point-of-view expressed on a selected theme or innovative big idea. It helps customers understand how you think about their problems or challenges.

Thought leadership content can simultaneously build your brand, support revenue generation programs, and impact all stages of the customer buying process.

Developing thought leadership content is a process that involves the development of a point-of-view about a big idea related to a key customer challenge or opportunity. Subject matter experts are key providers of insight into customers’ issues and usually contribute heavily to thought leadership development.

Thought leadership development is best managed through a publishing process.  This separates big idea premise development, research-focused content acquisition, and final point-of-view development from deliverable asset development and market delivery.  This structure positions the thought leadership big idea to be handed-off to marketing and sales teams to customize deliverable assets for specific industries, regions, or buyer personas.  These revenue drivers can integrate a big idea into campaigns while also extending the life of a big idea through continued content acquisition.

Thought leadership is no longer a process that should yield one size fits all deliverables.  It is a platform for multiple types of content assets using multiple modes of delivery for multiple target audiences.  The ability for internal and external content developers to produce derivative content assets is a critical success criterion.

Effective thought leadership stimulates innovation and actions by customers. It establishes expertise that can lead to quality conversations. Through effective alignment with marketing and sales the conversations can be converted into actions and deals.

Avitage provides a structured approach to thought leadership development supporting big idea development, quality management, and the scalability to deliver multiple big idea programs to market.  Our process solidifies the linkage between your thought leadership development and revenue focused content developers to drive both innovation and customer action.

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