Video Vignettes

As buyer attention spans shorten, the ability to capture and hold attention long enough to convey messages and make them stick is a real challenge.

As sales people look for better ways to help customers spread messages to internal buying team members, especially when sales people can’t be present, video offers a significant competitive opportunity and improves the customer’s buying experience.

When complex or important messages need to be delivered, but the sales channel isn’t facile with the full conversation, video is a better alternative than text based content.

But video brings it’s own challenges: creation time and effort as well as cost. Need the ability to customize video so it is relevant to specific customers, their issues, buying stage or other factors? — forget it!

We think you need a new video strategy, and new techniques.

By applying publishing principles and practices to video creation, Avitage has developed a comprehensive program to affordably create the inevitable volume of buyer relevant video — even personalization methods — that deliver useful value to customers and prospects and create a unique advantage for vendors that use them.

If video is an important part of your marketing, social media, sales, channel and content strategy, we’d like to speak with you.

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