Applying a publishing process to training content

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At Marketo University yesterday I presented a training program around how companies can apply Marketo’s recently released program management functionality to get more out of their events.

My recommended approach to program management entails creating a “master event program template” which contains all of the rules and data-driven email and landing page templates. This saves time and operationalizes best practices around events, while creating a program performance report that measures event success.

The original request from Marketo was to create materials for Marketo University – a training point production. Our “Create Like a Publisher” process says, however, that content creation should follow a programmatic approach, and consider multiple purposes when making the time and resource investment to create content. Said another way — rather than repurpose content after the fact, which is inefficient, create it right the first time.

So in following this create like a publisher process, we created:

  • a 30-minute on-demand training webinar
  • Materials for live and web-based training courses – part of which I delivered at yesterday’s event
  • a 2-minute vignette for a customer audience, to promote the training – with versions linking to both register for the live training and view the on-demand webinar
  • a 2-minute marketing vignette to promote the new capabilities
  • Multiple sales vignette versions with proof points and objection handlers for engaging with customers

The final programs leveraged common elements including:

  • Visuals
  • Product screenshots
  • Taxonomy & key phrases
  • Production technique & style
  • Narrator
  • Various core content modules

This drives consistency and cost efficiency while addressing needs across the entire organization – sales, marketing and training – which breaks down some of the  silos typically found within organizations.

In addition, our “Create Like a Publisher” process ensures that all source assets (visuals, images, video, audio, scripts) are managed for re-use at a modular level through a central database.

Click here to see the examples of the vignettes created for multiple purposes for this Marketo program.