Sales Enablement Services


Addressing the number one unconsidered cause
of low sales performance and revenue growth —
the inability to deliver effective conversations, knowledge,
and situation-specific, sales-ready content, in context.

Avitage sales enablement services support B2B sellers who need to execute a complex, solution or value sale effectively.

Value sellers believe “how you sell” is as important as what you sell. How you sell is the best way to provide value to customers, differentiate yourself and your organization, and outsell your competition.


Key Sales Conversations — By Design

Conversations ARE content. And content should extend and support conversations beyond sales person delivery.

We believe there is no more critical sales success factor than the ability to engage buyers in effective conversations. 

And so we ask, “why require each sales person to figure out the best way to conduct every critical conversation? ” 

Sales Conversation Frameworks are developed for each critical sales conversation. This provides a baseline of “what a good conversation looks like,” for each situation. It makes feedback and continuous improvement possible. It’s essential for useful sales coaching.


Requisitioning Sales-ready Content

Situation specific information and knowledged

The work to design sales conversations also reveals the knowledge, conversation support, and situation-specific information (aka sales-ready content) required by both sellers and buyers, for each buying and selling scenario.

Sales and partner, situation-specific content differs from marketing content in important ways. Because this isn’t well understood, most content and marketing teams lack formal methodologies for creating sales-ready content.

Sales teams must requisition content from those creative resources, much the way new product features are requisitioned.

Content specifications are developed and documented for each important asset and groups of assets. These make it possible for your creative content resources to develop sales-ready content that works!

After you investigate the linked articles above, we invite you to a conversation to discuss your specific sales enablement situation and objectives, to determine if we might be a good fit.