About Avitage

B2B organizations with a complex, value selling model are often afflicted by the number one unconsidered cause of low sales and marketing performance, and revenue growth …

… the inability to deliver
effective knowledge, conversations,
and situation-specific content,
in context, at scale.

To address this dilemma, Avitage delivers a simple and unique approach that evolved over 20 years providing custom content, sales enablement, and marketing (lead gen) services to B2B organizations of all sizes.

Our work addresses these important questions:

For sales and partner/channel organizations:
  • How do we prepare for and conduct each critical conversation in ways that benefit our customers and our sales objectives?
  • What knowledge, conversation support, and situation-specific information / content do we require to optimize our success?
  • How can we communicate these requirements to non-sales-oriented content producers?
For marketing and content teams:
  • How do we decide what content to invest in and create — why and how?
  • How do we operationalize those plans to optimize outputs and outcomes?
  • How can we scale operations to deliver content versions and formats required by functions we support, as well as contextual and relevance preferences of the audiences they serve?

Our business model is to bring programs, training, and initial implementation services that help you rapidly internalize these capabilities and practices. 

These programs and practices are essential to meet digital era requirements.

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Jim Burns, President, Avitage

Resolving the number one unconsidered cause of low B2B sales and marketing performance, and revenue growth …
… the inability to deliver effective knowledge, conversations, and situation-specific information (content), in context, at scale
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