Avitage works with organizations with complex offers that benefit from strategies to educate buyers with insightful relevant content about buyer business issues. Our process is industry agnostic. We bring a well evolved, structured content publishing operation model that is adapted to fit each customer’s environment and content operation maturity level.

We work from both a project and strategic level, often simultaneously.

Our project support helps functional groups get more out of each project, resource, asset and dollar invested. It demonstrates the efficacy of our leveraged approach. It also reveals gaps in the existing operations process.

Our strategic work is conducted with heads of marketing and marketing operations. This addresses the 6 competencies of marketing and sales content strategy required for effective preparation and planning. We design, implement and co-manage our structured publishing operation that is based on a content supply chain process.

This brings clients to operational proficiency faster, with less risk, and greater short term results, than a self-educating, “figure-it-out” approach.