Jim Burns founded Avitage in June of 1994 to fulfill on the opportunities for multimedia in marketing and selling. The company strategy and execution are his overall responsibility.

The Avitage publishing content supply chain process are the byproduct of four years with the electronic publishing division of Ziff Davis. The vision for the potential of innovative approaches to video for marketing and sales communications began during five years with Visage, an early company in the world of interactive videodisc.

For 20 years Jim managed Avitage as a software and custom content creation company. During this time, the principles and practices of a publisher’s operations model was applied within Avitage. The result was a defined, documented and refined content operation framework.

In 2014, Jim redirected the company mission to help enterprise organizations set up and manage their internal content operations based on Avitage frameworks and the content supply chain process.

Jim is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and has a Masters in Business Administration from Babson College.

Resolving the number one unconsidered cause of low B2B sales and marketing performance, and revenue growth …
… the inability to deliver effective knowledge, conversations, and situation-specific information (content), in context, at scale
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