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This week I had the privilege of joining Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 and Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners on an online video discussion hosted by Jeff Ogden‘s Marketing Made Simple TV online show.

Takeaways and Insights

  1. Content Strategy — This is the starting point and essential first step for an effective and efficient content marketing initiative. We must get this right or we will experience weak and misaligned work products, delayed and inefficient execution, and limited results. There are clear and agreed upon models for content strategy. Disciplined work is required.
  2. Operations Model — Content strategy must extend to define an operations model that deals with new requirements of content marketing, especially for a constant stream of buyer-relevant and useful content that applies to the entire buying journey. This impacts the scale of content and operational resources. Execution is a major challenge and risk. One (of many) reason is an outdated “point production” operations model.


Show Outline

To help you navigate this 35 minute video replay of the show I provide the following topical references with time marks in the video:

4:00  People get too focused on channels — this is really step 7 in an overall strategic process

6:00  Start with the basics of what you are trying to do, what your audience really wants, and how to connect those two things; We’re past the tipping point in content marketing, and the point solution, to a more comprehensive and strategic approach

8:20  We are so siloed in corporations, creating content, must get everyone on the same page, and talking with each other to coordinate activities

10:00 Senior executives — CEO, CFO, head of sales — don’t get, or enthusiastically support content marketing initiatives, but they are directly investment priorities

12:00 We see a new, first stage to content strategy — an alignment workshop to teach cross-functional stakeholders in the fundamentals of content marketing, strategy, objectives and associated metrics

14:50 Use current delivery commitments to apply principles and practices of content marketing and leverage point productions like product launches, white papers or webinars into teaching opportunities to see the potential for better processes and outcomes

17:00 Use under the radar parallel approach — don’t turn off current processes, supplement with content marketing processes — do pilots that get you numbers —

21:00 The operational challenges of creating content is a major challenge

22:50 Search and content marketing — Google Penguin update emphasize social sharing — syndication is so important — Social — it’s how content is being shared that will drive search results — social is a strong signal of relevance — so focus on the fundamentals of making content great and relevant, so content is share-able, rather than trying to outsmart search engines

30:25 If you just hire editors, they are not bringing content marketing chops, or maps to your business and content strategy, the agenda you have  — they are good at story-telling, finding the story — get the strategy right and hire people into the strategy

32:00 Final takeaways:

  1. Strategy provides context for content, get good at the macro,
  2. Have strategy extend into strategies that address the operational execution that comes next, with a process that addresses the content challenges: getting quality even as creation is distributed throughout the organization, deliver regularly and quickly, lower cost especially as volume scales, optimize content relevance;
  3. Focus on the issue of “why” — “if you content was removed from your industry, would you leave a hole?” This is the goal, valuable, useful content told as good stories. Your stories must be best or they will be ignored.  “Story explosion” — Be “the why” for your customers. Test question: “if you removed your logo from your content and replaced it with a competitor’s, would it make a difference?”


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