Content Marketing Gap: What to do, How to do it, How to operationalize

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Content Marketing Gap How to Operationalize

When it comes to content marketing, there’s near universal agreement on “what to do,” what actions organizations must take.

“How to do it” advice tends to focus on tactic-specific techniques.

We see a significant execution gap between these two information categories. The gap is in how poorly organizations operationalize their content strategy.

We believe this is the reason content under-performs, organizations experience the perennial “challenges that B2B marketers face” (Content Marketing Institute), and demonstrating suitable return on content investments is elusive.


How to Operationalize Your Content Strategy

The nature of the information delivered in this post is such that it requires explanation with visual support. This indicated that video is the best medium. It’s also an example of a practical use of video to deliver educational information, not just to entertain.

This article provides a deeper understanding of a business or enterprise class content strategy. Executive Summary6 Competencies for Marketing and Sales Content Strategy. Few, if any, content strategies define how to operationalize the strategy. The elements involved in doing this are explained in the linked article.

The article linked in this paragraph also contains an explanatory video. Each explains how to operationalize based upon a content supply chain process. This operations model addresses the content marketing gap and new content criteria and challenges. Structured Content Publishing Operation (based on a content supply chain process)

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