Content Marketing Principles and Practices

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Subtitle: Lip Service or Disciplined, Consistent Execution?

A research briefing on Focus Marketing website called Best Practices in Content Marketing presents summary recommendations, a set of principles really, for conducting content marketing.

Executive Summary
“A content marketing strategy involves the creation of content for the purpose of engaging and establishing relationships with current and prospective customers, and subscribes to the belief that delivering high-quality information to prospects at the right stage of the buying cycle drives profitable action. There are several stages of a content marketing strategy each with many elements to consider before moving to the next. In this guide, Focus Experts Ardath Albee, Joe Chernov, Barbra Gago, Doug Kessler, and Stephanie Tilton have suggested their top tips and best practices for each stage of the content marketing cycle.”

I highly recommend the briefing, the full roundtable discussion transcript, or the on demand recording of the full program. (I especially like that Focus offers MP3 and transcript versions, and wish more webinar providers would follow suit).

While the principles are quite clear and have been promoted extensively now for years, execution of the associated practices is indeed difficult.

How many of the recommended best practices does your organization execute on with consistency and discipline?



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