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I’ve just completed reading Rebecca Lieb’s new book, Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher – How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media. I’m immediately buying copies for my people and to use with customers. It’s a terrific introduction and summary of the principles and top level practices.

This is book for people who want or need an initial understanding of Content Marketing.

I read it in a couple of hours on a plane ride. This makes it a good book to share with senior executives and others to help explain “why we’re taking this approach to marketing”. We all need that. We’re all working with a few who “get it,” surrounded by far too many who don’t.

Given the significant mind, strategy and budget shifts required for organizations to pursue this course, making the case for content marketing is the first challenge proponents usually face.

Given the “dabbling” approaches and under performance organizations experience, having the plan and discipline to execute effectively is the next challenge.

To quote Lieb,

“IBM recently published research finding that about 80% of those who begin a corporate blog never post more than five entries. They stop. Give up. Leave it abandoned by the side of what was once called the information super-highway. And that’s just blogging.  The internet is littered with never-updated websites … and no-one-home YouTube channels. In the rush to adopt content marketing as a tactic, too many marketers forget that if you’re continually publishing, you have to think like … a publisher.” 

Given the collaborative nature of content marketing, if the people we work with and require to provide key inputs (subject exerts) don’t understand, the velocity, effectiveness and outcomes of this approach are significantly reduced. This book can help.

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