Sales Enablement Practice

Sales Enablement Practice


Avitage works with B2B sellers who have, or need help moving to, a solution or value sale.

Value sellers believe “how you sell” is as important as what you sell. How you sell is the best way to provide value to customers, differentiate yourself and your organization, and outsell your competition.

Our practice makes sales conversations and content more effective for sales people and customers.

Conversations ARE content. And content should extend and support conversations beyond sales person delivery.

By defining and documenting key sales use case requirements we provide the inputs required for more effective sales engagement. This work informs sales knowledge, communication support, and situation-ready content required for each buying and selling stage.

We then develop content specifications required by your content creation resources to create sales-ready content that works!

Important causes of low sales effectiveness our practice addresses include:

Understand Audiences (Buyers)  Superficial understanding of customers. Deep understanding of buyers are captured, developed, validated and documented based on our formal competency methodology.

Conversation Support  Weak vendor and product-oriented sales conversations. Shifts conversation from a vendor product-centered approach, to a buyer problem-centered approach. We go beyond “messaging” to develop all inputs to an effective conversation strategy. (See details in linked competency explanation.)

Design Sales Conversations  Each sales person must figure out important conversations. Inconsistent delivery limits feedback for sales team improvement. Today, short time and attention of buyers means sales people perform better when conversations are designed for key touch points. We leverage your sales playbooks, or the inputs from the above competencies.

Sales Content Strategy  Ineffective sales content strategy. Quality sales content is poorly understood and in short supply in most organizations. Marketing teams believe they are creating content that sales should use. They create marketing content. Sales needs content strategy to articulate their specific content needs to non-sales-oriented content creators.

Coach to Use Content To Sell  A new sales competency of using education-oriented content to sell isn’t understood or practiced effectively. Almost by definition of historically missing sales content, the skill to use digital content to sell effectively is a new competency. Few sales managers have experience, competency or programs in using content to sell. This program and associated coaching will change the way you think about and sell with situation-ready sales content.

After you investigate the linked articles above, we invite you to a conversation to discuss your specific situation and objectives to determine if we might be a good fit.