Content Operations and Strategy Services

Avitage is not an agency and we no longer produce content. Avitage content operations services help B2B organizations execute marketing and sales content strategy.


Our clients tell us we help them get better performance from their content, better outputs from their content operations, and better returns on their content investments.

We show clients how to produce content at scale, meet relevance and other primary content requirements.

We accelerate time to content operations management proficiency: clients are up and running in 90 days, proficient in 1 year, on the right path to mastery.

We deliver higher productivity from every asset and resource — internal production resources, re-use of content assets, as well as external agencies and production companies.

Specific Services:

Marketing and Sales Content Strategy

Based Upon the 6 Competency Framework

  1. Understand Audiences (Buyers): understand and document audience segments, individual profiles and related information (Ideal customer profile, personas, buying process, etc.)
  2. Conversation Support: useful and differentiated insights, topics/themes, messages, inventory, and more
  3. Content Use Case Requirements: ALL customer facing enterprise constituents, map to existing content, gap analysis, priorities
  4. People Support: workflows, message and content creation guidelines, templates, checklists, creative and technical support
  5. Content Operations: management, workflow design, governance, process and procedures, resources
  6. Infrastructure and Tools

Video Strategy and Operations Plan

Content Operations Program and Project Management 

  1. Content Operations Design and Implementation: a content supply chain process, associated policies, procedures, standards, techniques
  2. Program Management — as an outsourced chief content and operations officer
  3. Project management and Apprenticeship of key roles
    • Prepare — Design content for multiple purposes, issues, personas, stages, verticals, formats ….
    • Acquire — Customer and subject-expert interviews, edited to Content Source and inputs for content projects
    • Project Manage for operational execution and apprentice training  

Content Curation Services

Prepare and maintain master inventories of marketing and sales content assets

  • Curate Content Assets — Created Internally or by Agency / Production Companies
  • Curate 3rd Party Articles (by topics and purpose)
  • Maintain Content Source
    • Master plain text source of all content assets, internal and select, curated 3rd party
    • Create Content Headers (metadata) for each asset
    • Extract re-usable elements
      • Research results /facts
      • Quotations
      • Stories – Customer stories
      • Examples
      • Images – graphics
      • Related content (links)
  • Create re-usable modules
  • Maintain content architecture, taxonomy, phrases, words, categorization structure
  • Manage packaging content for key customer engaging use case requirements – marketing, sales, channel, customer service, HR
  • Upload into deployment repositories – organize, tag, metadata, and replace (maintain, update) existing content
    • Primary and Specialty Portals
    • DAM system
    • Special repositories – PowerPoint, CCMS,

Applications, Infrastructure and Tools Selection

Workshops and Executive Briefings

  • Business Level Content Strategy and Supply Chain Operation (Executive briefing)
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Operations Management
  • Selling Content Program — How to create content for sales (for marketing and content creators)

Content Health Check

Inventory, Strategy and Operations Review and Assessment 

  • Content and Content Operations Health Check provides input to your content strategy, plans and budgets
  • Based on Avitage 6 Competencies framework
  • Content is “mapped and gapped,” reviewed and evaluated, for specific recommendations that are made in the context of your go-to-market and content goals, strategies and plans
  • Content Operations — people, process, infrastructure, tools, metrics, reporting, governance, management

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