Sales Enablement Practice

Avitage Sales Enablement Practice

We work with B2b sellers with a complex, solution or value sale who believe that “how you sell” is more important than what you sell when it comes to new customer acquisition and organic revenue growth.

Our practice makes sales conversations and content more effective for sales people and customers. Primary programs of our practice include:

Understand Audiences (Buyers) Deep understanding of buyers are captured, developed, validated and documented based on our formal competency methodology.

Conversation Support Shifts conversation from a vendor product-centered approach, to a buyer problem-centered approach. We go beyond “messaging” to develop all inputs to an effective conversation strategy. (See details in linked competency explanation.)

Design Sales Conversations Today, short time and attention of buyers means sales people perform better when conversations are designed for key touchpoints. We leverage your sales playbooks, or the inputs from the above competencies.

Support With Content  In person, telephone and web meetings benefit from relevant content. Asynchronous communications those that are not conducted live by your sales people. Examples include: email, social media, or content customers use in their internal conversations. The educational nature of B2B “insight selling” raises the stakes for quality, relevant content.

Conversations ARE content. And content should be conversational to extend sales conversations beyond sales person delivery.

By defining and documenting sales content use case requirements we provide the input specifications required by your content creation resources (ie product management, marcom or external content developers).

Our project management serves as a liaison with creation teams to provide direction and quality review. A key deliverable is coaching sales people how to use content effectively to sell.

Enbable Thru C3 Ecosystem  One of the biggest complaints from sales and channel people is difficulty finding the content they need to do their job. In most companies content stored in many repositories and file systems (we have more than 15)!

We recommend companies aggregate content from many repositories into a single point of access we call a Content Communication + Collaboration Ecosystem. Content must be organized and tagged so it’s easy to find. “Content headers” help sales people understand content, how and when to use it without having to view it.

After you investigate the linked articles above, we invite you to a conversation to discuss your specific situation and objectives to determine if we might be a good fit.