Content Publishing vs. Traditional “Point Production” Process

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People regularly ask me to clarify the differences and reasons for adopting a content publishing process rather than the traditional point production process. The publishing process is at the core of our Leveraged Content Supply Chain ideas. Here is a simple list of reasons.

We believe organizations face new content requirements that a publishing oriented creation process best addresses because:

  1. Content must be relevant to each buyer and their situation, vs. “one size fits all”
  2. Content must educate, create a vision and inspire vs. pitch features and benefits
  3. This means a dramatic increase in the volume of content to create which breaks down with traditional approaches
  4. We must reduce the burden on subject experts (SMEs) and change their role in creating content
  5. Content creation must become a planned asset development and maintenance process vs. an event driven, “one-and-done” approach
  6. Content creation is moving from centralized, “professional” creators to “new producers” all over the organization and beyond who must be supported to realize quality, consistent and efficient results
  7. Organizations must flatten the cost curve, especially if they apply traditional approaches to new requirements
  8. Content must be created for sharing and re-use at the “modular” level, not just as finished programs
  9. Content must be flexible enough to be used in multiple delivery channels.

Traditional Point Production Process vs. Content Publishing Model

This chart identifies key differences between these two production processes. A PDF version is available for download here.

There are undoubtedly many other reasons and benefits. These are my top candidates, what are yours?

Content Publishing vs Production Comparison Chart670x378

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