Create Content Like a Publisher when Creating Webinars – Two Customer Examples

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Over a year ago in this space we outlined “7 ways to take your webinars to the next level,” which was so well received it led to an interview for Blog Talk Radio and multiple guest blog posts.

Over the past several years we have been applying this create like a publisher approach to webinars, and the impact for our customers has been significant.

The two customer examples show how changing the way you execute webinars can have a substantial impact on the results you get from lead generation webinars as well as fuel content creation for multiple purposes including lead generation, lead nurturing, sales enablement and thought leadership.

Anthelio: “A Physician Portal Approach to Patient Information Access

How Anthelio created content like a publisher:

Anthelio’s audience is difficult to get to committ the 45 to 60 minutes during the work day for a live webinar, so an on-demand microsite with short video segments is a more effective way to reach and engage the audience (sound familiar?).

The microsite orients the audience by clearly stating the topic, problem, recommended audience and purpose of the content.

Even if the webinar doesn’t pertain to the viewer, there is enough information available to encourage sharing between colleagues who may find the webinar valuable.

An extensive and edited archive of the topics presented in the webinar is provided on the site. Both viewers and non-viewers of the webinar are served by this approach, as viewers can easily go back and re-watch valuable segments, and non-viewers can browse topics of interest at their leisure without having to dig into the full webinar.

The ability to “Request a Conversation” at the forefront of the site enables quick access for interested viewers and inbound capture of potential leads.

Other formats of the webinar are offered (both in mp3 and transcript version) – a further benefit of the transcript is there is strong SEO value in publishing a keyword-rich transcript. Additional related and curated content is also linked.

The microsite is made available as both a registration-required on-demand format (compare this to usual “webinar archives” – what a difference!) and is also a non-registration required topical microsite to ensure the content is also freely available, un-gated.

In a short amount of time Anthelio has found a 4x impact on the reach of the microsite within two weeks following the webinar vs. the webinar itself.

Building Engines: “Metrics That Matter”

How Building Engines created content like a publisher:

After pre-producing the webinar as a tight production, we created an executive summary of the most poignant statements from the speaker in a 3-minute form, giving a concise and accurate view of the key points of the presentation (which also were the key points that Building Engines was looking to reinforce with their audience).

This shortened version of the webinar takes into account a few realities of today’s B2B executive buyer:

¨      With short attention spans and limited time, content must be short to be consumed. A 3-minute executive summary has an exponential chance of being viewed vs. a 45-minute webinar.

¨      Executives are not attending webinars live, but their staff may be. And team members are much more likely to share a 3-minute executive summary with their boss or colleagues than a longer form webinar archive.

So for our readers – what are you doing with your webinars to think and create content like a publisher?

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