Inside Sales

Inside sales professionals know painfully well the challenges of selling to on-demand buyers.

Caller ID, overflowing prospect in-boxes and the unsubscribe button are the mechanisms by which prospect screen and avoid solicitations.

But inside sales professionals have also honed great skills and techniques for overcoming these obstacles. They have learned how to penetrate, capture attention with relevant messages, earn permission for an initial conversation and establish preliminary trust.

They know a key mechanism for capturing attention, generating interest, earning trust, and promoting internal referrals is buyer relevant, useful content. Of course, sales people are dependent on others to create content for them.

After delivering information, inside sales people are often blind to its affect. Was content viewed? Was it appreciated? Was it shared?

We believe sales people need better delivery, tracking and feedback methods. These reveal buyer interest, timing and relationships with other buying team members. There are many tools that manage, deliver and even track content usage that are useless without the right content.

Buyer Role, Issue and Stage Specific Content Missing

What’s missing is the library of buyer relevant and useful content, ready to support specific sales purposes. Dynamic content like video is an especially important tool to capture and hold attention, explain complex, important messages, and to encourage that content to be shared with ever-expanding buying teams.

But creating content and populating library or delivery systems is just the start. Sales organizations need a program that includes support, training and coaching, the ability to capture important missing content, and other feedback from the field.

If these issues impair your performance, we’d like to speak with you. If you are ready to take your lead generation, nurturing, content and sales enablement responsibilities to the next level, we may be able to help.

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