B2B Sales Challenges

To drive profitable, organic revenue growth, B2B sales organizations must increase new customer acquisition. In many industries it must also increase share of wallet and retain existing customers.

Sales leaders also face pressure to lower selling costs. To do this they must improve sales effectiveness and efficiency. Elusive objectives.

Despite marketing automation investments and demand management programs, sales people must still generate the majority of new business opportunities in most organizations.

Yet they deal with the same new buyer dynamics as marketing. Buyers generally operate in stealth mode early on. They prefer self-guided research.

Content is a Strategic Sales Imperative

Regardless of the buy/sell stage, buyer behaviors and preferences make customer facing content a higher strategic imperative than ever.

We believe using content to sell is a new sales competency. Marketing organizations have never effectively supported sales with the right content.

Sales enablement initiatives must help sales people and their managers:

  • Prospect effectively and efficiently, especially with social selling techniques
  • Establish relationships and provide useful insights (Challenger and trusted advisor models)
  • Address expanded buying team questions and objections with relevant information
  • Deliver and educate buyers on important but complex messages
  • Prove value
  • Conduct effective sales coaching in different ways

Required Changes

To meet these new requirements we suggest sales organizations:

Do or have the work done to deeply understand their buyers: their business problems, who and how they buy, how they define value

Do the work to build out the inputs to effective sales conversations

Design key customer conversations

Define and document specific content requirements for key sales use cases as specifications to the organization’s content creators

Support sales people with the right content and training on how to effectively sell with content

Help sales people become masters of professional selling with effective coaching.


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