Revenue and Strategic Responsibilities

Business and chief marketing executives with responsibility for revenue and business strategy must embrace content as a strategic imperative.

B2B buyers have shifted their process, influence factors and decision drivers to online information and opinion sources.

Companies embracing inbound, content marketing and marketing automation strategies for demand management, social channels for customer and market engagement, and content driven sales and channel enablement have demonstrated the efficacy of these strategies.

These companies are using content as their initial “product” offer, to attract new buyers, establish relationships and influence buying criteria.

This creates differentiated value, lowers selling costs, raises selling effectiveness while improving new customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Customer Facing Content Problems

The problems B2B selling organization experience around their customer facing content are caused by:

  • Significant new requirements for content
  • Lack of effective strategy & planning
  • A traditional content production model that can’t meet new requirements
  • Limited content operations experience
  • No content operation model that can meet new requirements

The traditional content production process is outdated. It is a major constraint on business, functional and tactic outcomes because it doesn’t yield enough of the right content, quickly enough and at scale.

What’s Required, How We Help

Companies need to embrace more formal content operations management.

We deploy and show customers how to manage a Structured Content Publishing Program to do this.

To paraphrase David Packard, “(Content and) marketing is too important to leave to marketers.”

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