Customer Voice Program

Capture and deliver authentic customer insights,
to win, grow and retain customers.


When we design key sales conversations and messages for clients we always ask:

“In who’s voice should this message or story be delivered?”

Often clients conclude it’s not the voice of the sales rep or even the company that is most authentic or compelling.

People prefer the voice of the expert, especially a customer. Prospective buyers like hearing directly from customers who were previously in their situation and navigated a similar decision process.

It’s likely your organization may have one or more of the following initiatives:

  • Customer Stories and Case Studies (for content)
  • Customer Reference Program (for prospect reference support and site visits)
  • Customer Success Group (for retention and renewal)
  • Voice of the Customer Program (for customer insights)
  • Customer Advocacy Program (for product reviews and social amplification)


How is Customer Voice Different?

Customer Voice vignettes are customer-engaging assets for the express purpose of delivering highly targeted and useful ideas. They are delivered in the authentic voice of a recorded customer.

It’s the best way to time and location shift peer-to-peer sharing of insights and experiences, gained typically as the result of a decision and implementation process.

With a twist.

Our remote capture method dramatically lowers the time, effort and cost of audio and video acquisition. This means Customer Voice vignettes can be acquired at scale, literally in the hundreds.

The backend database and application pre-packages and manages vignettes as modular, highly configurable and embeddable assets. This means Customer Voice explanations can be injected into any marketing and sales content and conversations. Re-use scales and customer insights are leveraged.


Why hundreds of assets?

Relevance and usefulness is a function of context and purpose — for both content users and audiences:

  • Users — marketing, sales, training, channel, customer service,
  • Audiences — internal, customers, prospects, industry influencers, investors
  • Context — specific topic, industry vertical, persona, stage
  • Purpose — establish credibility, answer questions, provide proof, share insight

Relevance that is surgically precise based on the above variables inevitably leads to the requirement to scale. The ability to meet this requirement is a competitive advantage.

For example, if you go-to-customer into six industry verticals, answers to key questions, proof points or customer stories will perform better when delivered by a customer from the appropriate industry.


Why Customer Voice?

Audiences want to hear about experiences and insights other customers have had, that help them address specific questions they have. They prefer short, one to two minute focused explanations. They want authentic not scripted or filtered delivery.

The traditional and still prevalent approach to customer videos features customers talking to an off-camera person, acclaiming the vendor and their products or services.

These videos are over-produced and expensive. They require too much time, effort and interruption to everyone’s schedule. They require marketing and legal review. As a result, customer proof content is sadly lacking.

CEB (now part of Gartner) conducted research on customer testimonial and case study videos. They concluded 90% of these videos provide little value to prospects or sellers. Principally because they don’t address the specific needs of buyers or sellers.

Microcontent customer voice vignettes can be injected into other content across all functions and use cases. This optimizes reuse and the return on incredibly low acquisition and processing costs.


Avitage Customer Voice Program

We believe customer voice vignettes should be cornerstone assets in any B2B content strategy.

This is an especially important asset for sales and channel organizations. These assets meet important criteria for high-performing, situation-ready content, such as:

  • Captured based on a pre-defined content strategy that identifies and prioritizes key use cases, purposes, and message points — we help you define and clarify your key situations and requirements
  • Useful because they are highly targeted to address specific issues, questions, fears and doubts of audiences and prospects
  • Relevant because versions can be captured for primary: situations, industries, personas, purposes, issues and topics, decision criteria, value models
  • Microcontent that is configurable and re-usable — shared by marketing, sales, the sales channel and ALL customer engaging stakeholders
  • Audio and video based assets engage and compel action through authentic delivery by trusted sources
  • Scalable and affordable, which optimizes use, business impact and return on overall content investments.

This application serves small and medium size business, departments in large corporations, channel organizations, as well as for enterprise-wide deployment.

The Avitage Customer Voice Program will help you realize the full potential of this important communication tactic.


Examples of Customer Voice Use Cases

There are potentially hundreds of use cases that benefit from this approach. Here are primary examples. But the best way to determine how this can help your business is a discussion of your top business objectives, initiatives, constraints or risk points. Here are a few example use cases:

Recorded References — avoid reference burnout with targeted customer voice vignettes

Case Studies 2.0 — — Help buyers understand how customers like them addressed specific decisions at each buying stage (See article linked below)

Focused Differentiation — use customer stories to focus buyers on specific attributes and express your differentiated value

Acquire Customer Insights — acquire share customer learnings, gain deeper understanding about buyers and audiences

Sales Prospecting and Referral Support — have customers validate the value each reps provides to improve sales credibility with new prospects

Objection Crusher — have customers talk about important questions or issues that regularly stagger reps or channel partners, and are more credible in the voice of the customer

Urgency Creator — remove buyer fear, uncertainty and doubt, increase organic urgency through customer explanations of the costs of not taking action

Competitor Knockout — have customers re-frame or counter competitor claims


Next Step

A conversation is the best way to understand how this program works to determine the fit of this capability for your business situation. Set a convenient time here.


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