Design critical sales conversations, document as conversation frameworks

This limiting factor behind the sales performance problems can often be quickly resolved, with experience and a methodology to analyze key engagement points, design critical conversations, and document them as conversation frameworks (not scripts).

When critical conversations for key customer engagement points are explicitly designed, many good things happen:

  • Sales professionals and their managers know “what good looks like.”
  • New reps ramp up productivity levels quicker.
  • The complexity of B2B selling is mitigated. (Complexity from many solutions, business problems, industries, account peculiarities, buyer roles and decision processes for example.)
  • Experienced reps get even better.
  • Documented conversation frameworks provide a baseline against which feedback is possible. This enables collaborative learning and continuous improvement of messages, conversations and support.

There are many other important results this approach yields.

The linked article below explains more. The linked to a list of sales conversations may trigger in your mind areas you may not have considered.


Where to start when you experience B2B sales performance issues

Inventory of critical sales conversations to design


Resolving the number one unconsidered cause of low B2B sales and marketing performance, and revenue growth …
… the inability to deliver effective knowledge, conversations, and situation-specific information (content), in context, at scale
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