Develop content requirements and specifications for sales and partner-ready information and content

requisition content with content specifications

Almost all content is outsourced. First, from the audience to the content provider/user. Then from the content user to the producer. Often there are additional layers, or even groups, informing creative resources on behalf of users and audiences.

We are telling sales and partner teams they need to “requisition” content from marketing, internal or external content producers.

All three creative groups have the same limiting challenge. For each asset they develop, they must know the context, purpose, and a whole lot more. Without the right inputs, this is not possible.

We can help you develop the competency, because of our experience and comprehensive methodology, to analyze, define and document your (sales) content requirements.

After asset priority and investment decisions are made, that documentation must expand into detailed content specifications, that informs and directs creative teams.

This will result in better, higher-performing marketing, sales and partner assets. It will lower creation time and cost. Frustration among groups will disappear. Sales and partner performance will improve.

The general process is to:

Assess the conversations at key buyer engagement points,
in the context of:

Situation specific information and knowledged

Assess and define key customer engagement use cases

For each stage of the B2B buyer’s decision process define and document the:

  • Micro-decision being made at that stage
  • Information required for that micro-decision
  • Questions buyers ask to acquire that information
  • Conversations buyers conduct at that stage

Design critical conversations and document them as Conversation Frameworks.

Think of every buyer engagement AS a conversation. Conversations ARE content. And knowledge, conversation support, and situation-specific content SUPPORT conversations. This is the access point to understanding priorities for work to be done.

Define KnowledgeConversation Support, and Situation-specific Content required for each engagement or conversation.

This will actually “fall out” of this work process in a surprising and natural way. Once you complete these moves you are in a position to make priority, investment and timing decisions.

Document content specifications, detailed enough to inform non-sales, content creators, how to develop each asset and group of assets

The linked article below explains the specification process in greater detail.


How to define requirements and requisition content


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