How I Created Content Like a Publisher When Speaking at Bentley University

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This coming week I have two presentations at Bentley University – first, guest lecturing at Terry Skelton’s class Fundamentals of Content Development as part of the Information Design & Corporate Communication department, and then speaking to Marketing and IDCC majors as part of a spotlight for careers in digital content marketing, hosted by Alyssa Hammond.

To prepare, I followed a process that we use with our customers to ensure that both speakers and audience get the most out of an event experience, by creating content like a publisher.

My presentation includes an overview of B2B Sales & Marketing today – concepts such as inbound marketing, content marketing, digital body language, marketing automation, lead management and the revenue engine. Then I explain how Avitage takes the concepts and puts them into practice through a specific approach and set of processes. Finally I review customer examples and recent case studies with BNA and Teradata.

The process that I followed to prepare for the event was:

1. With input from Terry and Alyssa, I prepared an outline
2. I reviewed source content managed through the Avitage Collections system, to match the outline
3. I recorded the presentation via phone, with the ability to pause between slides, and do any necessary re-takes
4. One of our producers edited the audio and synched it to the slides, to create an on-demand version of the presentation
5. I uploaded the presentation (slides and audio) as new source content to Avitage Collections, so it can be shared and easily re-purposed in smaller snippets for marketing purposes, YouTube and SlideShare.

By pre-producing the presentation, it gave me the benefit of a rehearsal and mental “word-smithing” without a major time investment.

Even more importantly, it gave me a highly modular, on-demand version, which I can use to leverage the event:

1. with attendees – who want to share the presentation
2. with non-attendees – Bentley will be able to share this with anyone who could not attend the event
3. well beyond the event

For #3, this includes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook updates linking to the on-demand version, editing the on-demand version to YouTube snippets and writing this blog article about the experience.

Now the benefit and reach I get from the event goes well beyond the event itself, not to mention that one of the principles of creating content like publishers is making content available through various formats and mediums in which your audience wants to consume it.

At the end of the presentation I will invite the audience to follow me on Twitter where there will be a link to today’s presentation – not just the PowerPoint slides but the actual presentation with audio – what a great example of creating content like a publisher!

This is a process I recommend for anyone participating in conferences, trade shows or other speaking engagements to take the benefit that you see from the event to the next level.

And here is the on-demand presentation.

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