I Need A Plan for 200 Videos for the Channel, Chapter Five

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Max Wilson, Director of Marketing at WE-CAN Technologies,  has been asked by his executive team, (Chapter One), to develop an execution plan for delivering 200 videos for use in the channel.  He has responded with an email validating that 200 videos is approximately what is needed, (Chapter Two), and an email outlining a pragmatic production approach, (Chapter Three).   Max followed up with a recommended approach for evaluating the initiative investment, (Chapter Four).  In the evaluation he identified a potential channel partner adoption risk to be managed.

Max sent the following email about a collaborative approach to channel partner adoption to his boss, Jim Everett, VP of Marketing.


Our belief that the use of videos by the channel will be a great help is tempered by the pragmatic reality that it is likely to be received with a mixed level of enthusiasm.  All change efforts are.  We know that we have to make this initiative easy to adopt and show results in the short term.  Our collaborative approach to deployment is outlined below.

I.  Pilot Deployment Phases:  There will be a pilot phase that will involve five partners we select for their marketing competency.  The pilot should last between four to six weeks.  The objective of the pilot deployment is to test the usefulness and effectiveness of the capabilities we developed to support the partners.  The pilot team will also be asked to develop a metrics program to be implemented during the full deployment.  We would like to align reporting activity and results in a pragmatic way that doesn’t become a point of resistance by the partners.

During the pilot phase we will begin talking to the rest of the partners to make them aware of the videos being developed and the expected opportunities for them.

II. The Full Deployment Phase:  Our plan is to design a scalable deployment process that will allow us to deploy to the rest of the partners at one time.  We will propose the following to the pilot deployment partners for their insights and testing.  This should provide a pragmatic approach to adoption.

  • We will develop videos to support our communication and training efforts.
  • We will provide six example use case process guides that explain how to increase marketing and sales effectiveness using the videos. These will include best practices for using videos in lead generation, nurturing, blogging, and sales calls.
  • An inventory document of the 200 videos will be organized by marketing, sales and training use cases to guide easy and effective use. This will include links to each video and, for sales, suggested sales stage use and email copy.
  • A small deployment team will provide partner user support for a few weeks to answer questions, provide advice, and encourage use of the videos.
  • A mentor development program will be funded to give marketing development dollars to partners that contribute ideas, insights, and best practices that can be shared with other partners.
  • The metrics program, linked to market development dollars, will be deployed to track activity and results.

The 200 videos should be a catalyst for increasing the amount of partner marketing activity, now that we are providing the content fuel.  The 200 videos should also increase the quality of the marketing.  Partners that are effective driving their sales and our growth should be rewarded with increased allocations of market development funds.  Partners that don’t leverage the opportunity or require too much hand holding will receive less, if anything at all.  We can’t afford to over-invest in partners that under-invest in their marketing and sale competencies.   This has to be a win-win.

Let me know if there are any questions.


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