Implement a content marketing program – not random acts of marketing

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The potential payoff for content marketing and lead nurturing has been well documented by marketing research firms, analysts, marketing automation vendors and (most importantly!) businesses that have successfully implemented lead management.

However in the marketplace we see a wide gap in the success businesses have in implementing lead management; we see time and again the difference in results can be predicted based on the answer to a simple question – are you implementing a lead management program, or are you implementing “random acts” of marketing?

Said another way, are you relying on your marketing automation software as your solution, or is your software enabling a well-managed program?

Here are some ways to determine if you are taking the program-driven approach required to generate the desired revenue growth from lead management.

Are the following items documented and understood by your internal teams and vendors/partners involved in managing your marketing?

  • Clear goals and desired outcomes
  • An ongoing project plan with clear milestones
  • Defined process & procedures for how content is created, organized, assembled, delivered and tracked
  • Standards, guidelines and templates (a huge driver of time and cost savings)
  • Quality control methods and checklists
  • Program management – defining ownership and accountability
  • Disciplined execution, free of distraction or shifting priorities
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Feedback loop and continuous improvement

If you do not have these items, then you are missing out on your opportunity to see the payoff from marketing automation, lead nurturing and content marketing.

Another way to look at this, is where do you fall on the spectrum in the demand generation maturity model? We outline this with this single chart with audio explanation.

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