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In this digital era, content is a primary driver of sales and marketing performance. We have written extensively on this. Background articles are referenced at the end of this article.

Poor or missing content is an under-appreciated reason B2B selling organizations experience lower than projected new customer acquisition and revenue growth results.

High selling costs are both a symptom and additional casualty.

In addition to adverse business impact, companies experience content costs 30 to 50% higher than they should. Output from current content production methods are typically 20% what they could be.

When we investigate the reasons for poor or missing content we find three reasons that frequently stand out. These are remarkable both because of their importance, and because they aren’t well understood or appreciated.

1. An ineffective or non-existing business level content strategy.

Survey results from Content Marketing Institute indicate that an appalling 48% of respondents claim they have a content strategy while admitting it isn’t documented! This effectively makes it 68% of organizations are producing content without a content strategy.

This doesn’t even address the question of the effectiveness of those strategies.

2. An inability to optimize ten essential digital content criteria.

The traditional content production process can only optimize two of the first three criteria. And even those criteria have evolved. But the process hasn’t kept up. B2B content operations must optimize ALL ten criteria:

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3. An outdated content operations process.

This is not immediately obvious or appreciated. But the diagnosis is simple. The remedy is also simple, although not easy.

The traditional, project oriented, creative craftsman approach to content currently in use cannot meet new, digital era content requirements. Most especially, it cannot scale without compromises.

If you are experiencing persistent sales, marketing and content performance problems, I invite you to discuss this analysis with me. I will share examples of how this problem can be resolved.

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