B2B Content Health Check Assessment


A Content Health Check assesses an organization’s:

Marketing and Sales Content Strategy

Content Operations

Content Strategy Assessment is a pre-requisite and primary driver of high-performing content. Your marketing, sales and channel / partner content strategy is objectively reviewed by a third party based on a rigorous framework (explained below) by experienced practitioners.

Content Operations Assessment is how that strategy will be executed. But often a content operation is not defined and designed based on content strategy. It is considered a “given.” This constrains content strategy decisions (“what we’re capable of producing”), as well as content outputs (‘what is produced”).

Weak Content Strategy, or inefficient and ineffective Content Operations will inevitably result in content that isn’t situation-ready, and performs sub-optimally.


Strategic Business Decisions

High-performing content in this digital era is a strategic imperative because it is a primary driver of top business outcomes:

  • New customer acquisition and organic revenue growth,
  • Sales and marketing productivity and lower selling costs,
  • Acquiring data on customers and audiences,
  • Providing exceptional customer experiences. 

The content world into which you deploy your content is crowded, noisy and easily distracted.

To perform well, and to deliver the business outcomes you expect, high-performing content must be relevant, insightful, differentiated and useful to your audiences. This does not happen automatically.

Audiences prefer to receive content in many different forms and formats, based on different information purposes and channels used.

You have many functional groups across your organization that engage customers. Sales, customer service, training, and the sales channel are examples of “content constituents” that require support to “cover” their many content use case requirements.

These few of many requirements create a new imperative to scale content operations and outputs without compromising quality, time or cost. Most content operations buckle under new digital era content requirements.

Businesses executives have six business elements they can adjust to manage and affect business outcomes:

  1. Strategy
  2. People
  3. Process
  4. Technology
  5. Capital / Investments
  6. Disciplined Execution 

A thorough assessment investigates each of these areas holistically.

To do this, Avitage applies documented frameworks and methods we have developed over 18 years in our professional B2B content operations and customer content strategy work.

These provide a focused lens through which to analyze and identify weaknesses and gaps in any organization’s content strategy, content operations and content inventories, as a result of the content audit.

We also deploy our proprietary Content Strategy Analytics assessment. The survey portion solicits input from content users regarding the efficacy of existing content for their purposes. The analytics indicates which strategy elements are strong and weak. Then, it correlates specific strategy initiatives with key content criteria. You see what to do. You know that work will improve your content.

An effective Content Health Check helps you identify your current maturity state. It provides inputs to decisions for improvement road maps in each area.This feedback will accelerate your progress up each maturity curve.

Disciplined, continuous improvement will shift content from commoditized collateral into strategic assets that DO drive business outcomes.

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