1. Conversations and content need better answers not just good stories

    Your conversations and content need more than good stories. They need better answers! Most of us were taught early and often about the importance of using stories in our conversations and content. Marketers seem to obsess about story. Sales people are told to address customer problems and solution approaches by telling stories. And rightly so. It seems humans are hard wired with an affinity for stories. But, it turns out stories are just one of six answer types. That means you’re missing the other five! As a result, your answers aren’t as coherent as they could be. They aren’t as influential. They are aren’t as sticky.   Audiences Desire Answers with Useful Information Here are some questions to consider: How well do you address questions asked of you? (In which situations?) Or, a question asked of a sales rep, a company executive, customer service person, channel partner, or customer person,...

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Resolving the number one unconsidered cause of low B2B sales and marketing performance, and revenue growth …
… the inability to deliver effective knowledge, conversations, and situation-specific information (content), in context, at scale
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