1. 35 Days to Great First Sales Meetings

      35 Days to First Conversation — do the math For prospects who actively engage your content, assuming a two day lag in viewing, here is a possible sequence to your first call appointment (elapse time not work days) (“your mileage may vary”): Day 1 – send initial invitation touch with vmail call Day 3 – prospect views email content Day 5 – send Touch #2 automatically, no call Day 7 – prospect views content Day 14 – send Touch #3 mail, vmail call Day 16 – prospect views content Day 23 – send Touch #4 mail, vmail call Day 25 – prospect views content Days 25, 26, 27 – email & call to request introduction conversation Day 35 – have first introduction call For a detailed, comprehensive explanation of each step, download this document.  
  2. From No-Budget to Signed Deal Using Provocation-Based Selling – Webinar Executive Summary

    As part of the Marketo Revenue Masters Webinar Series, Principal Consultant for TrellisOne Consulting, Kathleen Schaub and Senior Vice President of Sales for Marketo, Bill Binch, co-presented a webinar entitled “From No Budget to Signed Deal.” The purpose of the webinar was to explain the concept behind provocation based selling and how it can reach high level executives. The webinar covered 3 key questions: 1)What does is mean when a lead says they “have no budget” for you? 2)What provokes an executive to spend their budget on your product or service? 3) How do I get the attention of executives looking to spend their budget on my product or service? This is an executive summary of the presentation. What does “No Budget” Really Mean? There is no such thing as having no budget. Everyone has a budget. When a prospect says they have “no budget,” what they usually mean is...

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