1. Content Planning — from concept to specifics

      Most people’s thinking about content is vague and incomplete. Ask for content definitions before your next planning conversation. Listen for answers as “categories” and “formats.” (Even research analysts are guilty of this.) Good definitions evoke an image that is consistent in the minds of everyone involved. But even the elements within categories and formats don’t meet this test. This video introduces a more specific and detailed explanation of the concept “content.” It provides a framework for content planning / strategy that is simple, straight-forward, and extremely effective.   Related Information For a written explanation of how to apply this framework, please see Small moves, smartly made, improve (unified) content strategy Avitage Content Operations Assessment Avitage Enterprise Information and Content Strategy Services    
  2. An experience using sales conversation frameworks

      I was only four prospecting calls into my target list. I was calling to talk about sales performance issues. Then, I got this response from a sales manager I reached: “We don’t have any significant sales performance issues. We killed it last year.” Now, think about the ways your BDRs, direct, or partner reps would handled this situation. The many — different — ways. Fortunately, when I designed this conversation framework, I identified this as a potential scenario. I remember reflecting on and testing alternative approaches for different scenarios, over a couple of days. In this particular situation, I selected a question: “What possible constraints to hitting this year’s goals are you most concerned with?” Bingo! I got this: “Our reward for an outstanding year last year was significant increases in our quotas for this year. Last year most of my reps performed really well. But that doesn’t mean...

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