1. Don Hewitt and the New Producers

    This summer Don Hewitt, creator and producer of 60 minutes died. For those of us in the communications business — most of us — there is a lot to learn from this man. Despite working with text from our youth, most of us don’t write very well. When it comes to graphics, animation, audio and video we truly have a long way to go. But these are the new tools for communication in our age, and we are the “new producers”. As business communicators, we must learn from “publishers” how to create quality content, quickly and affordably. Digital media and the web have raised the bar making us not just publishers, but broadcasters. Don Hewitt was the master of the broadcast world. I’d like to call your attention to this interview, and to several statements in particular that relate to web-based communication. A shorter segment is below.   Conversations at KCTS 9:...

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