To improve content performance for sales and partners

In this digital era, effective sales and partner content is a strategic imperative. It is a primary driver of pipeline development, new customer acquisition, and revenue grow. Of course it directly impacts sales performance and productivity.

But quality sales and partner content is still an elusive reality for too many organizations. Why is this?

A common complain I regularly hear:

Sales:  “This sales (or partner) content sucks. I can’t use it.”

Marketing:  “Ok, why? What do we need to do to fix it?”

Sales:  “We don’t know. It’s your job to give us what we need.”

Neither group knows. Sales really doesn’t know what makes content work for sales purposes.

Marketing assumes the content they create will be useful. But they lack a specific methodology that defines the right characteristics and criteria.

It turns out there are significant and material differences between marketing content and effective sales and partner content. (Partner content differs from vendor sales and marketing content!)

Actually, “sales content” is a useless term. It’s too nebulous to convey common understanding.

Think of sales content as “knowledge, conversation support, and situation-specific information” to focus requirements discussions in a more useful way.

In short, marketing creates and distributes content to generate awareness, interest, and conversations. Marketing content services the purposes of brand, content marketing, and many lead gen tactics.

Sales uses content to conduct and support very specific purposes and conversations.

Here’s the kicker for marketing: for B2B organizations adopting account-based-marketing practices, ABM content must be more like good sales content than marketing content.

There are many other important differences behind this dilemma. The linked article below explains in greater detail.


Marketing and sales content — differences that matter


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