Why Consistency and Standards are So Important – Production and Program Management

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I recently reviewed with our production team the importance of why we have consistency and standards around the practices and processes of our business.

By way of background, some of the areas for which we have developed and manage standards include processes to:

Now to “the Why” – why standards and consistency are important.

For our customers:

  1. Standards ensure customer expectations are met around the quality of deliverables
  2. Standards give customers predictability of deliverables that allow them to better plan programs – critical since our goal and measurement of success is always around customer outcomes
  3. Standards reduce turnaround time (by reducing the amount of cycle time spent on revisions and rework) – faster content time to market
  4. Standards ensure our costs are managed carefully on projects, resulting in the best possible rates for customers – cost savings
  5. Standards ensure our customers’ time is well-managed on projects – and our customer’s time is incredibly valuable, particularly when working with subject experts
  6. Standards ensure consistency (of brand, of voice, of presentation, of formats) across communications channels and content types

For our employees / team members:

  1. Standards ensure the quality of deliverables
  2. Standards reduce the amount of frustration caused through re-work or lack of direction
  3. Standards improve predictability of resource planning and scheduling
  4. And these are all important for team morale, performance and efficiency

What else have I missed?

In subsequent posts I will detail the standards we have established in the various areas of the business.

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