Why Create Content Like a Publisher?

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Think Like a Publisher

When you hear the phrase “think like a publisher,” what does this mean to you? Why think like a publisher? How would you explain this concept to your colleagues or managers? Perhaps most importantly, what would you do differently if you and your organization were to create content like publishers?

For most people I speak with, they have a good, level one understanding:

  • They can “become the media” and leverage the internet to “publish” content
  • Acting like a journalist, they embrace blogging to varying degrees of discipline and success
  • They know content must be more about buyers and their “problem to solution journey”, than traditional vendor focus collateral
  • By sharing ideas to help buyers understand their problems, options and recommended approaches to solving those problems, content can capture attention and identify prospective buyers, educate them and begin to build the critical trust factor
  • Ideally, storytelling is embraced as a key shift in the way content is created.

If you have embraced these practices you are indeed off to a good start.

As you pursue the promise of content marketing you immediately encounter the challenges presented by new requirements:

  • To create buyer relevant content that engages prospects
  • To create content for the entire buying process — including later stage decision making, or your sales process, stages
  • To publish for many purposes and formats
  • To create the critical mass of content required for success
  • To fund these new initiatives with traditional budgets and even some legacy marketing investments that must be preserved

For over fifteen years we’ve been building this kind of content as part of our sales enablement focus. We have built content for sales organizations because their marketing resources either didn’t know how to build it, or had other priorities.

We’ve learned some deeper implications of the benefits of embracing a publishing mindset and practices. These have helped us mitigate the operational challenges and constraints that hinder the effectiveness of many content marketing initiatives.

This 4 minute video explains …

How to Create Like a Publisher

This raises the question, “how do you create content like a publisher?”

Most people have no idea how a publisher thinks, let alone how they manage their content operation. This is a classic example of a good/bad metaphor. Technically, it’s good. But the purpose of a metaphor is to bring clarity to an obscure concept. In this sense, it was a terrible metaphor.

In short, publishers are accountable for all the business elements of a publishing company. This means they design and manage an operation to meet the business objectives.

Here are subsequent posts that will explain and provide guidelines for execution that you might find useful:

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