Your first move in a selling crisis

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What is your best first (positive) move in a selling crisis?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Many possible remedies. Limited time, resources, attention.

Success in B2B selling relies on effective sales conversations.

Why then does it make sense to require each rep to figure out and execute every critical sales conversation, on their own, without guidance?

It is not a competency sales people are trained for. Truly effective value conversations are complex, require study, and considered design work.

Even the best sales people need to know what critical conversations they can expect to encounter, and how to effectively execute them.

You experience this now, when you don’t know if your problems are due to poor messages (what to say), poor delivery (how to say it), an unprepared rep, or inadequate support (information, experts, coaching, etc).

What if there was a way to plan for and design critical sales conversations,
so even your least talented sales people could enhance their performance?

Here is what will be different:

  • a consistent, quality baseline for mission critical sales conversations
  • better coaching that improves those sales conversations
  • a feedback process so you can quickly and continuously improve messages, conversations, and support

Sales leadership today requires a veridical approach to sales performance issues.

In a selling crisis, the best first move is to improve critical sales conversations.

Explore how to do this with Where to start when you experience B2B sales performance issues

See also an Inventory of Sales Conversations to Design

To discuss how this could apply to your situation, set up an introduction conversation here.


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